MEK is the Amsterdam-based interior studio of Margriet Kok. From her atelier on the historic canals, she combines a wealth of research and technical knowledge with her intuitive creative vision. Her signature soft minimalist aesthetic is rooted in a rich base of raw textures, organic shapes and light play — combined with playful artefacts and flamboyant art objects.

MEK’s work dissects into two divisions: MEK Studio and MEK Collection.


Over the past few years, MEK regularly designed custom objects for interior projects to complement a unique space or evoke a specific feeling, which often led to inquiries and additional orders. This sparked the idea to offer these items on a wider scale.

MEK collection is a range of beautiful art objects for the home, including glassware, pottery, lighting and furniture. Working closely with autonomous artists from across Europe, MEK curates limited edition art pieces — bridging the gap between artists and the public.


MEK specialises in start-to-finish project development — uniquely skilled with both a deep technical understanding of construction, as well as a meticulous an eye for detail for the polished end result. This duality is reflected by the wide range of projects MEK takes on. It could be the aesthetic styling of a single space, or the complete project lead of renovations, new development projects and beyond. Visit Interiors to learn more.

Alongside her interior projects, MEK also loves to tap into her solid network of creative talent to create beautiful imagery for magazines, brands, department stores and more. Energised by a collaborative approach to creativity, this work includes both on-location styling of varying events, press launches or showrooms, as well as set design and direction for photoshoots.

For inquiries please contact margriet@mekstyling.com